Zdringcoretite WD-40

0:00 – I. Traversay
3:04 – II. Candlemas
4:51 – III. Central
7:21 – IV. Southern Thule
Since the formation of the Coalition for Fast Food Sandwiches, the major chains have been seeking to elevate sandwich-sport with the first ever Sandwich Olympics. Early in the planning stages, this piece was commissioned for the Panini Quartet to perform as the anthem for the games. However, in a power play, one of the major executives insisted that the event was held in the South Sandwich Islands, whose infrastructure could never hope to contain a production of this scale.
It was later found that a founding member had been laundering money through the coalition by hiring Dairy Tade multiple times to adjust the mix of the commercial release every year, including over 7 times in 1998. This resulted in an inter-organization coup and the completion of the project was expedited. The premiere was scheduled in New Delhi, the newest member of the CFFS, and voted the least likely to further the political turmoil caused by the project.
Commissioned for and performed by the Panini Quartet 
Recorded  by Dairy Tade
at the Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK 
May 7, 1994 – June 30, 2016