Strikeorktette Hnz.57 - Hidden Movement III

Modified String Quartet


0:00:00 – IIIS.1 rubato taliento
0:04:57 – IIIS.2
0:17:36 – IIIS.3 poco a poco a poco
0:30:06 – IIIS.4 alla breve - tortato
0:41:03 – IIIS.5
0:46:49 – IIIS.5.1 molgo bella apiento
0:57:54 – IIIS.5.2 fugato a fugati
1:08:41 – IIIS.5.3
1:26:18 – IIIS.6 rubato allegra
1:30:55 – IIIS.6.1 apienta
1:37:16 – IIIS.7 aria
1:43:39 – IIIS.8 triento
1:47:28 – IIIS.8.5 triento a qui
1:49:14 – IIIS.9 
This is the hidden (lost) movement IIIS of the string quartet, Stephen Lucas Live at Brussels' Strikeorktette Hnz.57 
In the original release, this movement was cut and replaced with an abridged version at request of the Panini Quartet. Dairy Tade was disappointed since we spent so much time on it in the studio so after much negotiation with the Panini Quartet, we decided to release it as a standalone piece.
If you want to listen to the Strikeorktette in its original form, start from the beginning and at 19:24, pause and skip back to this video; at the end of this, go back and resume from 21:35 to hear the final movement. 
Commissioned and performed by the Panini Quartet
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Sept 10–11, 2015