Stephen Lucas: Live at Brussels


This album began as a fun day of experimentation and improvising over long tracks in order to create songs. This quickly gave way to a long formed journey into lead synth techniques and fun beats, under the concept of a both forward moving and monolithic album. Each track is both a game, an experiment, and a musical adventure. Sit back and let the sounds wash over you, as you imagine a far away world.
Released 01 January 2012 
Stephen Lucas - Keyboards, Devices, Drum Machines, Album Art 
Greg Dixon - Audio Engineer, Producer
Dairy Tade - Consultant
00:00 - Prelude
02:29 - Du Kon
08:10 - Ring Dija
13:25 - Ripe Bit
16:05 - Flashy Fluid
17:48 - Sweet
23:17 - Key Lyme
24:43 - Tnango
29:57 - Gem Bats