Solar Rub


0:00:00 - Eyes tightly closed
0:08:17 - Eyes loosely closed
0:15:05 - Inverse blinking at 12sec intervals
0:33:47 - Focused squinting
0:48:16 - Alternate wide open and tightly closed (12sec intervals)
0:53:49 - Wide open - blink at 12sec intervals
1:01:47 - Wide open for personal peace
This was a commissioning project for the Society of Sun Staring (SOSS) as a soundtrack to accompany extended sessions.
Originally, we weren't going to release this publicly but Remy Jujube, a young professional, said it was viable. Dairy Tade concurred that because SOSS maintains their web hosting behind a firewall blackout, it would be better for us to release anyway and we could always claim Ensi Näkemältä if there were any legal issues.
In post-production, we eventually found out that Remy Jujube was previously a board member in SOSS, so we were more confident about the release, though we adjusted the mix to compensate.
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Sept 18–19, 2015
DISCLAIMER: It has come to our attention that several medical experts report that sungazing is physically dangerous. This piece was created as a commission by spiritual practitioners and is in no way a recommendation or instruction beyond anything but listening to the audio. Please practice personal care and good hygiene in all gazing activities.