Sand Shanty


00:00 – Mobilize Flow
02:27 – Pillar of Strength
10:15 – Machine of Land
13:55 – Open Objective
18:21 – Sand Shanty
23:31 – Water is Life
30:18 – Unto the Pillar
This album was commissioned by reclusive multi-billionaire, Moz Quilson, to accompany his terraforming project on a planet approximately 17.31 l.y. away from Earth. Scientific studies showed that the new fauna would produce more ideally with proper auditory stimuli; this music was meticulously mixed to accommodate these needs, along with some special requests to satisfy the scientists.
The commission was actually begun over a year ago and we almost didn't accept it due to time constraints. Dairy Tade pointed out that if we encoded at a high enough bit rate, we could transmit the audio after most of the equipment had been sent and it would still arrive in plenty of time.
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Oct 26–31, 2015