Quartetto d'archi PO Box:69


00:00 – I. Levain
02:40 – II. Brioche
05:50 – III. Faccocia
08:42 – IV. Challah
13:02 – V. Baguette
17:33 – VI. Ciabatta
19:21 – VII. Tortilla
27:36 – VIII. Bianco
This piece was accidentally requested by a Bellalunga food store near Parma, Italy. In an clerical error, the store intended to order more panini rolls and accidentally commissioned the Panini Quartet for an inaugural performance.
Dairy Tade was integral because he scouted the venue early and after noticing the stocking problems, instructed craft services adjust to compensate. We landed upon a mix of rolls that was actually more appropriate than what the Bellalunga originally ordered so they were ultimately happy with the performance.
Commissioned and performed by the Panini Quartet
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Oct 5–8, 2015