Paradigm Pyramid


00:00 - Tier 1 - Foundation
05:51 - Tier 2a - Grains
13:32 - Tier 2b - Beans
20:27 - Tier 3a - Fruits
29:43 - Tier 3b - Vegetables
37:53 - Tier 4 - Nuts and Seeds
44:46 - Tier 5 - Oils
51:11 - Tier 6 - Dairy and Eggs
57:36 - Capstone - Sweets
After the success of Sand Shanty, Moz Quilson began work to commission a habitat to send a self-sufficient, food-producing structure to the planet to provide a nutritional infrastructure to supplement the original supplies. It was found that the shape that was both aerodynamic and nutritional was a pyramid, so plans were quickly set in motion to create an acoustic environment for the nutritional structure.
Remy Jujube, a young professional, recommended that Dairy Tade record impulse responses from the architecture but due to a communication error, Tade was still aboard the vessel during liftoff. Fortunately, it was later revealed that Tade had sent a drone in his stead so that he could double-check the calculations for the nutritional mix from the planetside control center.
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Mar 4–10, 2016