Nocturnal Yoga


00:00 – Warm Up
05:52 – Pose I
23:49 – Pose II
42:19 – Pose III
This album was commissioned by a joint Yoga Studio / Sleep Clinic that has been experimenting with inducing a yoga/sleepwalking state with psychoactive drugs. The days of having to be conscious during your exercise routines are coming to an end. After taking Yogacil, your body will automatically wake in the night and engage the rich practice of yoga. We found that having a soundtrack specially designed to accompany the poses increased the effect of the system.
Dairy Tade was very insistent on testing Yogacil before and during the recording of this project, which created some inconsistencies in the mix. However, upon waking, he found that a combination of the yoga and adverse effects from the drug had made him hypersensitive to the audio so he was easily able to adjust to compensate.
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Oct 21–22, 2015