Morning Star Abating

Solo Classical Guitar
This piece is an exegisis upon an earlier video piece about time, space, and collision. If two sides equal each other in one situation are they identical? The guitar acts as a platform for interpretation, recontextualization, and distortion. There are many things we take to be  absolutes in the world, but what really deserves our proclamation of reality? The greatest deception is that knowledge is an affirmation of reality.
Performance Notes
Piece duration : ca. 6 minutes
The score strives to supply the performer with enough to interpret the techniques with an economy of space and an incorporation of common guitar notation. These notes provide a text explanation of markings that are expected to need more consideration; they are in order of first appearance by measure. Generally, the performer should default to preference of gesture, fluidity, and space. All of the techniques have been tested but are still open to interpretation. The logistics of the score possibly require memorization; there is much space to turn pages and there is certainly no room to turn at the ends of pages. If the piece must be performed from the score, it's recommended that pages are slid gracefully after choice, long, sustained notes/chords. (See score for individual techniques)