Bass Clarinet and Live Electronics

This piece is conceptually influenced by the progressive rock genre, Zeuhl, which is represented by the band, Magma (est. 1969), and other derivative bands. Common Zeuhl elements include dissonant harmonies, mixed meters, prominent electric bass, choral chants, and call and response.


Maahntahk represents both a synthesis of these elements and a comment upon the resultant form. The soloist attempts to fulfill the role of the Zeuhl ensemble, but conflicting concepts of synchronization and instrumental identity draw it progressively further away from the original inspiration.


The expositional elements of the piece become recontextualized as developmental, in that they expose an underlying aspect of time and space. The identities of the instruments retain similarities to the Zeuhl genre, but the overall affect becomes more disharmonious.


Duration : ca. 7 minutes



Recording: Rachel Yoder – Bass Clarinet : 2012


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