A Leaky Legend


A nu-geodesy of science-exploration and space makes sounds from my heart to your brain, to take apart the things you knew. This album describes an emotion I am quite familiar with because I have been gone for many years from the place I was born. It's called "A Leaky Legend," and I would like to dedicate it to you.


00:00 Leaky Legend
03:20 Moist Mirror
07:47 Percolating Presents
09:59 Man Cream
13:07 Fuscible
18:31 Thaw Fusilli
21:39 Almost Not Damp
24:54 Outgoing Fissure
28:34 Pruncture
30:56 A Watery Whisper
33:33 A Viscous Vow
What a great honor! A tribute album was released soon after, mysteriously including a special bonus track by your's truly.