High Tide // Low Tide


00:00 – High Tide I
04:00 – Low Tide I
10:51 – High Tide II
16:57 – Low Tide II
24:00 – High Tide III
34:54 – Low Tide III
41:00 – High Tide IV
53:18 – Low Tide IV


This album was commissioned by a major sandcastle-building competition to accompany one of the prize-winning entries. Originally, Dairy Tade recommended that we base the tunings on the structural dimensions of the castle but after some of the initial sketches, we decided to use some of the performers that live in the castle to give the performance a more "authentic" feel.


The title comes from the fact that we couldn't record the indigenous performers while the tide was up, but Tade agreed to adjust the mix to compensate. However, Dairy had multiple discussions with the competition officials to ensure that this compromise wouldn't affect his own competition submission. Ultimately, everyone was happy with the result except for the coast guard that had to accommodate for the the increased traffic.


Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Nov 7–9, 2015