Gorilla Grande


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00:00 – Javafall
02:59 – Press Impression
06:13 – Floral Acid
09:33 – Tub Trickery
12:22 – Cream Cakes
15:03 – Wildfire Roast
17:46 – Before the Bean
19:46 – End of the Cup
24:13 – Flavor Finish
26:47 – Wet Grounds Around
28:57 – Smell Piquant
31:44 – Gorilla Grande
35:17 – Bold Earth

Remy Jujube, a young professional, after being nearly maimed in a spelunking incident at Moz Quilson's island resort, recently discovered an underground cave system that housed a large network of hot coffee springs. Due to loopholes in the New Quilsonia charter, Jujube was able to claim ownership over the entire system and quickly began construction on a series of cafe franchises, requiring the composition of several marketing jingles and ballads for their signature bevarages. Dairy Tade's local outpost was fortuitously placed to furnish the supply of creamers.

Unfortunately, it was found only after opening that the coffee was incredibly toxic and he was forced to sell the company. Dairy Tade secretly discovered that the perfect milk mix could neutralize the poison and was able to acquire the assets at a huge profit.

Recorded by Dairy Tade 
at Tade Dairy Farms 
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK 
and TDF Quilsonia
IL4, New Quilsonia
Sept 1 2016 – May 1, 2017