0:00:00 – Narthex
0:05:20 – Nave
0:11:39 – Aisle
0:18:52 – Towers
0:25:56 – Crossing
0:32:08 – Transept
0:48:14 – Porch
0:58:50 – Apse
1:07:50 – Choir
1:20:08 – Ambulatory
1:44:07 – Chevette
During a blood feud between two of the major taco corporations, a series of one-upsmanship projects produced decadent combinations of Mexican cuisine on an increasing scale. Inevitably, this crossed over into architectural endeavors but the structures were used more for internal prestige, rather than public consumption.
Recently, reclusive billionaire Moz Quilson was purchasing land holdings for expansion of a macro-informatics project and uncovered one of these lost temples while spelunking in the underground cave systems. Lacking signature sauces or branding that would result from a complete fast-food experience, he commissioned us to fill in the acoustic atmosphere of the space with a customized soundtrack.
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Feb 3–6, 2016