00:00 - Self-Contained
05:31 - Surface of the Globe
08:00 - Deep Blue Dust
12:08 - Apply Sonar
15:07 - Forming Waterspout
17:57 - Report Off the Coast
19:51 - Crust Fault
22:29 - Unfamiliar Pod
24:54 - Reef Technology
26:57 - Big Pools
29:56 - Beneath the Waters
32:10 - Hollow Mass
36:19 - Seagate
38:59 - Integrated Trajectory
40:43 - Dome Entrance
44:27 - Beneath the Sea Floor

After the success of Sand Shanty, reclusive multi-billionaire Moz Quilson commissioned this album for his deep sea underwater science habitat. Studies showed that when the scientists and visitors must make the bi-weekly trip in the submersible to the research station, it was conducive to play music, so Mr. Quilson wanted an album created specially for this purpose.

There were some complications because Dairy Tade insisted that we visit the habitat on multiple occasions to receive the full experience. Eventually, we opted to install a control room in one of the laboratory sections and send the signal back to the main recording studio at the Tade Dairy Farms.

Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms and the Quilson Underwater Research Facility (QURF)
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Nov 12–26, 2015