00:00 - Resort Hospitality
04:00 - Jeweled Cove
07:25 - Intense Landscaping
10:30 - Drift Woods
12:21 - Morose Def
16:20 - Puromycin Cell
20:00 - Official Guest Book
22:39 - Eternal Youth
28:00 - Tiny Neptune
31:31 - Caustic Lime
34:39 - Roundabout
37:16 - Placid Bay
39:21 - Archipelagic
43:06 - Conservative Vector


It was recently discovered that there was an unintended side-effect to reclusive billionaire Moz Quilson's deep sea, underwater science habitat. One of the experiments produced a chemical reaction that formed a large, artificial island chain on the surface. Plans were drawn up to colonize the islands as a sovereign resort nation so it was necessary to commission a nation anthem/album.

There were some complications as Dairy Tade insisted that he receive one of the islands for use as an off-site dairy outpost. It was found that Remy Jujube, a young professional, had drawn up contracts for the exact situation, back when the underwater habitat was originally constructed. Though these contracts were never signed, the combined weight of needing a domestic food supply chain allowed Tade's requirements to be met.
Recorded by Dairy Tade
at Tade Dairy Farms and the Quilson Underwater Research Facility (QURF
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK 
Mar 27 – July 15, 2016