81 Zalms

Solo Instrument and Live Electronics

this piece is an expansion on a common trope of generating electroacoustic accompaniment from only an input sound source; the computer part is arranged into 9 scenes with different textures and behaviors; however, rather than traversing these scenes, the computer part has 9 meta-scenes that represent a spatial orientation of the scenes; as these meta-scenes are traversed, tracking data of the input sound drives an exploration of the space of the 9 scenes; the result is a constantly expanding/contracting environment that is simultaneously controllable and unpredictable;
the instrumental part is largely improvisatory, but there is a general shape of traversal that the performer should try to achieve. however, as the performer attempts to control the computer part, each scene has a level of attraction and repulsion, forcing the performer to compromise between sounds needed to traverse the scene-space and sounds needed to compensate for the computer’s influence over that traversal;
the result is both planned and malleable. slight variations can cause a chain reaction that force the performer to compensate in ways that spin the performance into a new direction;
Contact me for electronics part for performances.